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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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offense on its 37th drive of preseason right now. trying to get it into the end zone for the first time. tebow. slinging it. one hopping it. and that took five seconds off the clock. 17 ticks left. second down. >> cris: now you've got to be -- you got to start throwing this thing towards the end zone, because now, even if you get a completed pass, you may not be able to run up there and get the next one off, probably won't be able to, so now it is time to take your shots. you have to understand where you are right now with no time-outs remaining. >> al: and tebow slinging it inside the 5 and that is incomplete. trying to get it into the corner to jordan white and that would
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have left some time on the clock. instead, with nine seconds, the ball comes back out to the 22 yard line. third down. from the 27 yard line. third down. nine seconds remaining. and tebow firing to the end zone! and incomplete. woul't that have been something? still has two seconds left and one play. intended for jordan white. >> cris: just going with four verticals and the wide receiver trying to get inside the safety and tebow throwing a bullet in there. pretty nice play, though, to
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break that thing up. leaned on that one hard, but reggie smith there to make the play. >> al: barring a defensive penalty, the game ends here. tebow. buying time. avoids the sack. throws it end zone. and a little too high. going up to try to get it and bring it in was hayden smith, but he couldn't. miracle finishes don't count anyway in preseason, cris. >> cris: it doesn't. and the bottom line is another preseason game and another game with no touchdowns for the new york jets and their new offense under tony sparano certainly not the end of the world, but not what they were hoping for here tonight. so they need to come up with some answers here pretty quic y quickly. >> al: four field goals. carolina wins it by a score of 17-12. remember, a week from wednesday, regular season kicking off.
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performances from mariah carey and no doubt. then the giants and the cowboys at 7:00 -- 7:30 eastern here on nbc. your local news, except on the west coast, coming up. midnight eastern, it's an all-new "dateline." al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya. from our entire crew, good night from the medicine low lands.
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>> this is breaking news. >> fire crews still trying to put out a four-alarm blaze in baltimore city. several people rushed to the hospital, including a firefighter. what is going on? >> the fire is under control. but there are several fire trucks out here on the scene. the firefighter was treated for minor facial burns and his since been released from the hospital. as far as the three civilians that got injured, they were rushed to the hospital with none not life-threatening injuries. the fire started just before
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8:00 p.m. and the 4000 block of frederick avenue. speier escalated to four alarms and 100 firefighters were on the scene. -- the fire eslated to four alarms. no other injuries have been reported. this is a very active steascene. frederick avenue remains closed traffic.cked to >> is to keep civilians from walking in the midst of firefighters operating. we do not need people in the midst of their work. >> you are taking a live look as to where the fire is to believed to have started. it is unclear at this time if the fire started on the first floor and that building or if it started on the second-floor. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. firefighters say investigators will be going through once they have the all clear. >> thank you.
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the other big story of the day -- severe weather. strong winds, heavy rain and a tornado warnings. tom tasselmyer in the weather center tonight with the latest on all of this. what can you tell us? >> it was like a tropical system hit us. a record amount of rain falling at b.w.i.-marshall, the most rain we have had since the remnants of tropical storm lee last september. this is the radar over the last 12 hours. you see those showers moving out of southern maryland and especially on the eastern shore. when you total up the rainfall amounts since midnight, 3-6 inches from baltimore to anne arundel county. the bull's eye around the eastern shore. the raid are estimating 10 inches of rain in some spots. flood warnings remained in effect for part of queen anne's and caroline county. it will take a while for that water to drain down into the bay. some rough weather. there was some strong rotation
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indicated. no reports of tornadoes. we'll check the forecast coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. from bad to worse. a mass of baltimore sinkhole has reopened it because of today's storms. the wet and messy day around town. >> so far, two homes on east monument street have been evacuated. the two residences are on top of businesses. and officials say they had to evacuate them because the road there decide what may become unstable. >> it is ok right now. we are hopeful that everything is going to be all right in terms of that, that everything is stable. but we are concerned enough that we have to get people out. >> the sinkhole was caused by aging infrastructure. they had been working to repair it, but all of the rain had caused another setback occurred >> unfortunately, this rain has
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washed away the temporary fill we put in. >> the effects of the rain were not just felt in the city. this is a shot of the flooding in pikesville. kenny brown captured the cell phone video of drivers on the eastern shore braving the high water. some of them even stalled. in the city, people driving through northwest baltimore encountered this a downed tree on cold spring lane. no injuries were reported. the east monument business association says businesses have lost thousands of dollars because of the sinkhole. >> with the street being cut off, there is no foot traffic. it is pretty rough. >> we have been getting some straight -- some great pictures from many of you. severe weather put a damper on
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several events. camden yards was forced to postpone today's game. there was major flooding in hunt valley. upload your pictures to the ulcoocal section of our website. trouble storm isaachit the florida keys. at this hour, the storm is heading into familiar territory. there is a state of emergency declared in louisiana and mississippi. according to some models, isaac could churn ashore near new orleans tuesday or wednesday morning. wednesday would be exactly seven years to the day that katrina made landfall. >> everybody from louisiana over through florida needs to be watching this carefully. >> we are very vulnerable. i am two feet above sea level. >> any time there is severe weather around baltimore or around the country, our website
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has all the important information. you can see where the severe weather alerts are happening and take a look at live hd doppler radar. log on to it seems that isaac is affecting national politics. the entire first day of the republican exhibition has been cancelled. this as more than 4000 delegates from across the country are getting into town. we have the latest from camp of. >> -- from tampa. >> rnc officials are confident the show will go on starting tuesday. >> as isaac's winds whipped up, a different storm brewing inside as workers scramble to put finishing touches on the floor and finalize the new lineup. >> we are on schedule. this is business starting on tuesday. we are three days instead of four. >> even though monday's events are canceled, reince preibus
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does not expect additional delays. >> no matter where the storm goes, we are concerned about safety. we want to be careful. everything we have talked about has been full steam ahead. >> florida's governor is anxious to get the show on the road. we will show the world from tuesday, wednesday, thursday what a great place this is as a state and the city. >> meantime, isaac's approach did not stop a kickoff party but -- >> but the message is not a bunch of people having a good time at the expense of people living on the gulf coast. >> some delegates are concerned about what could happen back home, like mississippi's first lady. >> it makes you nervous. it will work out. >> back here at the convention, even though nothing is scheduled, the rnc chairman will gavel in the session and recess until tuesday. >> we are hearing dead and 81 why a woman died today after a
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car crashed in anne arundel county. there were two people in the car. crews pulled both people out heard the passenger was rushed to the hospital where she died. officials say that speed or alcohol appear to be factors. a man was stabbed in dundalk. crews got out to the scene on the 2400 block of plainfield roh. police are not lee releasing any information. we have learned the name of the man shot by police earlier this weekend. police say after 10:00 p.m. friday night, crews responded to a call about shots fired in the 2400 block in westport. when police arrived, they found a man firing his handgun. he fired towards officers. and that is when they shot him. a man many consider to be a pioneer in canton has died.
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patrick skunny was killed when the bicycle he was riding collided with a city bus. happened friday along coastal highway in ocean city. the circumstances surrounding the accident are under investigation. in 1994, he helped to revitalize the canton community with the opening of his mexican restaurant. >> he touched a lot of lives. i feel like to host a funeral for him he would have to have it with everyone, you have to have it at m&t bank stadium. for real. >> fiori arrangements have been made for wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. inside the cathedral of mary our queen. the final victim in the train derailment was laid to rest. family and friends gathered to remember orsrose mayer. rose and her friend were killed by sitting on the side of the train bridge when the cars derailed.
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autopsy reports indicate that both cars -- girl died from asphyxiation due to coal. summer coming to an end for children are around town. the first day of school is tomorrow morning. we caught up with shoppers braving the stormy weather for last-minute shopping. >> it is pretty expensive because i have two kids to take care of. the things that they need as they get older is becoming a little bit much. >> monday. great day. i took off to celebrate. >> as you get ready to make those early morning drop offs, tune int to tv 11 news. we will track the roadways all morning long. hat hase we did take your shoes off at the airport? why the security measure may be in place for some time, even though the government promised to find a solution. he took one giant leap for mankind. we remember the first man to walk on the moon, after not neil
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armstrong. = =-
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>> take a look at this killing smoke that is choking the area around the refinery in venezuela. thick clouds of black smoke rose from the oil refinery. a gas leak caused it to explode sometime saturday morning. 41 people were killed, dozens injured. president chavez declared a three days of national mourning. taking your shoes off before boarding a plane is the chief complaint among travelers. it looks like the measure will be our round for the future. last year, janet napolitano promised new screening technology would do away with it. but the tsa now says it could be many years ahead. a
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officials say the new scanning equipment has not proven it cost-effective. the ages implemented the rule after learning al qaeda was focusing on putting explosives in shoes. morning and national hero. u.s. astronaut neil armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, has died at the age of 81. we look back at his life. >> is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> in the summer, 1969, neil armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon. >> he's on the moon. >> in one tense and glorious july evening, neil armstrong changed the face of possibility , made the unimaginable manageable and brought the world together as never before. >> on the surface of the moon, i could look up and see planet
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earth. it was a very beautiful and very small. >> it was in ohio where young neil armstrong turned his attention to the skies, building model airplanes as a boy and his parents . he earned his pilot's license at 16 and was flying combat missions over korea 4 years later. key to everything from gliders to supersonic jets as a test pilot. nasa started training neil armstrong to be an astronaut, launching a career that would take him where no man had ever been before. >> 10, 9, ignition sequence start. >> 0, 0, 7, 6, 4. >> base here.
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the eagle has landed. >> his achievement was one for the ages, neil armstrong will remembered as one of the most daring pioneers on the earth for his accomplishments outside of it. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> or around here today, it has been a record-setting day. more rain coming down today that has ever come down on the 26 of august. we have had 3 inches of rain at the airport. in some locations, they have had a lot more than that. this is the radar. as we go to the past 11 hours, 12 hours. you notice things are beginning to dry out. it is raining on clean hands and kent counties where they have been hammered with rainfall. the western shore, that orange and red strea, that came down from parts of baltimore county
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to the city and down into anne arundel and calvert counties. you move on to the eastern shore. this bull's-eye around easton is indicating a foot of rain coming down in some areas. that is an estimate, not exactly measured in rain gauges. it is possible that could well happen, because we are getting reports of flooding over there. the flood warnings continue to the central part of the eastern shore to the overnight. these yellow shaded areas are not for rain but for higher than normal tides. it has been a rough night. a record amount of rain for this day. that brings the monthly total way up. we had more rain today in a single day we had in any single month so far this year. all coming down in one day. helping out the dry conditions almost too much. 79 for the high today.
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we ended up with a cooler than normal day. the record high the recor-- 101. with the cloud cover and a passing shower, a 67-72 overnight. an area of low pressure works its way into western virginia. it wrapped it all round central and eastern maryland. that low pressure will weaken overnight. and finally get kicks out to sea as the next front comes. whether or not we have to deal with isaac, it will depend and how this area of high pressure develops. if it blocks isaac or gets out of the way. we will watch that later in the week. tomorrow, we have a few scattered showers. tuesday, the front drops in from the north and the west and a chance for a shower and the morning. the clear skies to the north as the highest living by. we will see if it continues to
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block isaac or steering it this way. a thunderstorm tomorrow with high in the 80's. on the bay, wins at 10-50 knots. winds have been gusting over 40 ed key west. the storm is in the open waters of the call for mexico. 54 miles an hour. isaac is getting stronger. maximum sustained winds have been 60-65 miles an hour. the hurricane track takes up towards mississippi or louisiana. some of our computer models are keeping parts of the florida panhandle in play. it's not set in stone, but it does look like the storm is going to turn into a hurricane tuesday evening. 85 with a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. showers end tuesday morning. sunshine for wednesday, thursday and into friday. we will have to see where isaac goes for next weekend. >> the orioles, you know, hoping for a good stretch. making a change on the mound.
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>> looking for another starting pitcher. we will talkwççñçñ
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>> this is 11 sports. >> the orioles series finale was rained out today. busy was dan duquette. he traded linstrom to arizona. suanders fs 6-10 but a .422 era. he has playoff experience. they hope it will bolster i give full rotation. he will start wednesday or thursday. 9-10 starts went six innings. with his bullpenyou have 6, you get a win. jake called up to pitch in the meantime. tampa nad oakland on top
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today. the orioles and the a's tied for the second wild card. the final of two wild cards face-off and a playoff. detroit is a half-game back. last wild card spot.k of that baltimore for quite 5 back of the yankees. orioles kickoff a four game stent monday. ravens made cuts this afternoon. billy cundiff was cut. his legacy owns one headline -- wide left. he seemed to respond well during preseason, making all this field goal attempts. i talked with sam cooke today. both kickers had great camps. ravens to reduce their roster
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